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BagDepot.com is a premier one-stop online warehouse for all your bag
needs. Whatever your needs are in baggage BagDepot.com is THE place
to shop.

Founded in 1999 in the Scenic city of Seattle, WA our company's aim has been constant throughout: to offer our customers exceptional value at exceptional prices.
The company was founded by experts in the field who, building on their past experience and expertise, decided that consumers desreved a bag company which offers maximum value to it's customers. As such, BagDepot.com strives to proudly offer American made quality products at unbeatable prices.

Our company maintains 2 locations, one in Seattle, WA and one in CA. We reach customers throughout the world to satisfy their bag needs for a variety
of activities including camping, hunting, ATV recreation, security,tactical,
snow sports, and various team sporting needs.

At this time BagDepot.com is privately held by its 4 original founders.

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